Want a Lean Takt Time or Non-Value Added Time Template?

QI Macros has Ready-Made Lean Takt Time and NVA Templates for Excel!

Why it Matters:

  • Use Lean Takt Time to calculate rate of demand
  • Use Non-Value Added Time to chart value added vs. non-value added time.

Lean Takt Time

Lean Takt Time Output

Non-Value Added Time

Non-Value Added Time

How to Complete the Lean Takt Time Template

This tool is used to calculate the rate of customer demand - similar to a speedometer. To complete the template, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Days/Year, Hours/Day, Breaks (min) and Cleanup Time (min) in rows 3 and 4.
  2. Next, enter Annual Demand in Row 6.
  3. Finally, enter Cycle Time/Operator in Row 10.
  4. Review Lean Takt Time Chart for demand results:
  5. Lean Takt Time Output

How to Complete the Non-Value Added Time Template

  1. Enter total Value Added Time in cell B2.
  2. Next, enter total Lead Time (Non-Value Added) in cell B3.
  3. Analyze NVA based on the graph and its numerical results.
  4. If NVA is greater than 10% of your cycle time, revise the process to eliminate delay:
  5. Non-Value Added Time

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