APQP Checklists in Excel

Compatible with AIAG Standards, Excel 2013-2019 and Office 365

The AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) has a variety of standards and forms. You can find more information about the Advanced Product Quality Planning Manual on its website at www.aiag.org.

QI Macros SPC add-in for Excel uses AIAG manuals for its requirements and includes:

Save Time With These Easy to Use APQP Checklists in Excel

  • A-1 APQP Design FMEA Checklist
  • A-2 Design Information Checklist
  • A-3 New Equipment Checklist
  • A-4 Product Process Checklist
  • A-5 Floor Plan Checklist
  • A-6 Flowchart Checklist
  • A-7 PFMEA Checklist
  • A-8 Control Plan Checklist

Here are some examples

One of our customers used these as a template to create their "Layered Audit Process" checklist which saved a ton of money over buying packaged solutions. Here's what another customer had to say.

Thank you for QI Macros! It has helped me serve many in winning TQE, Q-1 and Quality Awards in 36 years of experience!

David Rich

Check List Template

We also offer a standard Check List option. To complete, follow directions below:

  1. Input your Checkpoint title(s) in cells B1, E1 and /or H1.
  2. Next, input your Steps or Items in rows 2 through 10.
    You can add or remove rows by right-clicking on rows and selecting "Insert" or "Delete"
  3. Check List Output

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