DPMO Six Sigma Calculator in Excel

Calculate DPMO and Sigma using this template in QI Macros add-in

dpmo and six sigma calculator

Instructions for Use

Input areas are shaded in yellow and represent the following:

  • Opportunities = the number of defects possible per unit
  • Defects = # of defects
  • Units = # of units in a sample

When you input these three items, the template performs the calculations and displays these metrics in cells B5:11:

  • DPMO: defects per million opportunities
  • % defects: percent of total opportunities that were defective
  • % yield: percent that is not defective (1-% defects)
  • Sigma: sigma level associated the the calculated DPMO (see reference table in columns D1:E9.)
  • Zst: Z short term
  • DPMU: defects per million units
  • Cp: process capability metric = Sigma/3

Further definitions:

Defects and units are fairly straightforward but some folks struggle with the number of opportunities. The number of opportunities is based on how you choose to count defects. Here are some examples:

  • One opportunity: an item is either wrong or right, good or bad.
  • Two opportunities: A package could have the wrong product or the wrong # products in it.
  • Example of three opportunities: a shirt you order could be the wrong: size, style or color.

QI Macros DPMO Six Sigma Calculator Template

The DPMO template is one of many tools in QI Macros add-in for Excel. QI Macros installs a new menu on your Excel tool-bar. To access the DPMO calculator, just click on QI Macros, then Calculators, and then "DPMO | Yield | Cp/PPM | OEE":

calculators menu

A template will open with the following worksheet tabs:

dpmo calculator worksheets

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