DPMO Six Sigma Calculator in Excel

Excel Template Calculates DPMO and Six Sigma

Just input opportunites and defects into the yellow input area and the Excel template will calculate DPMO, % defects, % yield, Sigma, and Z. Area to the right compares DPMO to the Six Sigma values.

Example of the QI Macros DPMO Six Sigma Calculator Template


To Calculate DPMO and Sigma You Need to Know:

  1. How many opportunities are there to create a defect in a given step in the process?
  2. How many defects were produced in a given run?
  3. Input these two values in the yellow fields on the QI Macros DPMO Calculator.

To calculate DPMO and Rolled Throughput Yield on more than one step, use theĀ Rolled Throughput Yield template.

Watch Video on the DPMO, Six Sigma and RTY Calculators


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