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Why it Matters:

A SIPOC diagram is a high-level process map that helps describe the "as is" and desired states of a process. These five states are:

sipoc diagram

  • Suppliers (external and internal)
  • Inputs to each step (materials, etc.)
  • Process (Start, 3-7 key steps, and End)
  • Outputs of each step
  • Customers (internal and external)

QI Macros Excel Add-in Contains Two SIPOC Diagram Templates

Basic SIPOC Diagram


Enhanced SIPOC Diagram

enhanced sipoc diagram

How to Create a SIPOC Diagram

  1. Label five easel sheets: suppliers, inputs, process, outputs and customers
  2. Using Post-it® notes, begin listing suppliers, inputs, process, outputs and customers.
  3. Once you have all of the notes on sheets organize them to show a logical connection and flow.

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