Looking for a MODAPTS Template for Time and Motion Analysis?

QI Macros has a Ready-Made MODAPTS Template for Excel!

Why it Matters? The MODAPTS template automates the analysis of time and motion to develop reliable production standards on assembly lines.

MODAPTS stands for MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards. To learn more about MODAPTS visit https://modapts.org/.

modapts template excel performs all calculations

MODAPTS breaks any process down into motions that can be coded as a string of modifications. Each mod is 0.129 seconds:

4(W5) M4G4 4(W5) M4P10

Most MODAPTS coders can do this quickly. However, calculating the times is hard, so that's what the QI Macros MODAPTS template does for you.

QI Macros MODAPTS Template

  1. The template will open with some fields pre-populated for illustration purposes. Click on the "Clear Form" button before inputting your own data. Input descriptions, common elements (*) and options (1-2-3-4), and MODAPTS string in the columns as shown below.

    Put 1/1 in numerator/denominator unless an action needs to be spread across all units (e.g., Element 8 - Restock Box...) Don't worry about the Mods, Minutes or Seconds. The template will calculate them for you. Add as many rows as you need for your process:
  2. MODAPTS Coding in Excel


    • 4(W5) - Four Walking steps with 5 mods of time (5 * 0.129 seconds)
      [body movement like bend, walk]
    • M4G4 - Movement (see diagram below-finger, hand, forearm, bicep = 4 mods),
      Get (grasp outer frame door) - 4 mods
    • 4(W5) - Four Walking steps with 5 mods (return)
    • M4P10 - Movement with 4 mods. Place with 10 mods of time
    • 4(T0.025) - Four actions of time 0.025 minutes

  3. Fill in the job description and allowance (adjustment). Describe different options and set options for each configuration. Add as many options as you want, and extend the formulas to calculate times for each one.
  4. MODAPTS template Job Information

  5. Now click the "Calculate Times" button. Times will be calculated from each MODAPTS string and are displayed in minutes and seconds. That's all there is to it!
  6. QI Macros MODAPTS template calculations

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