Time Tracking Template in Excel

Time Tracking Template for One Step

The purpose of theĀ Time Tracking TemplateĀ is to automate the collection of data for the time between steps within a process (minutes, hours, days, etc).

To accelerate any process, you have to be able to measure and improve the key steps in that process. To simplify and automate much of this data collection, QI Macros include a Time Tracking Template.

time tracking template excel

Since most people struggle with how to input dates and times into Excel, we've created a macro to input those for you. Just click on the cells in columns A, C and D and the template will populate the cell with the current time and date.

To use the Time Tracking Template:

  1. Click on the cell in column A to populate the current date.
  2. Click on the cell in column C when the process starts to populate the date and time.
  3. Click on the cell in column D when the process stops to populate the date and time.
  4. Populate columns B, E and F with other information about each event.
  5. Column G is calculated as the difference between the start and stop time (columns C and D).
  6. Column H converts column G into minutes. This conversion is usually necessary to run charts.
  7. Select the data in column H to run a chart.
  8. To edit dates or times in columns A, C and D, click on the cell you want to edit and make changes in Excel's formula bar window.

QI Macros also includes 2, 3 and 10 step templates:

time tracking template 3 step

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