Fishbone Diagram Template in Excel

Tired of Trying to Draw Fishbone Diagrams Manually?

Use the Ishikawa fishbone diagram template in Excel to conduct Root Cause Analysis of delay, waste, rework or cost.

Create a Fishbone Diagram in Three Easy Steps with QI Macros

  1. Open the Fishbone Template - using the menu we install on Excel's toolbar:
  2. fishbone-menu

  3. Fill in the Blanks - Simply input your text in the yellow shaded cells.

    input five whys in fishbone template

  4. Create the Fishbone - by clicking on the Create Fishbone button

create fishbone in Excel using QI Macros

QI Macros Will Populate a Fishbone with the Text You Input

fishbone diagram in Excel

To Revise the Fishbone: go back into the input tab and update your text, then click "Create Fishbone" again.

To Copy and Share Your Fishbone to Powerpoint or Word: Click on the "Copy" button, then paste the fishbone diagram as either a picture or drawing object. Pictures are static. Drawing objects can be revised.

To check the logic in your fishbone, click on the new Check Logic tool:

check fishbone logic using this tool

It will open a window that will walk you through the logic of your fishbone. Does X cause Y?
If the statement makes sense great! If not, reword or revisit your Five Whys.
check the logic in your five whys

Watch the Fishbone Diagram in Action

What QI Macros Customers Say...

Beautiful, we love the program. It's exactly what we were looking for. Thank you.

- Debra Shank, Georgetown Memorial Hospital

QI Macros is a fantastic tool. It allows me to do things that once took 30-60 minutes down to 2-3 minutes. It's also very user-friendly and easy to operate.

- Wade Johnson, Carlson Craft Business Solutions

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