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CNET Editors Give QI Macros 5 out of 5 Stars

CNET SPC Software review

QI Macros SPC Software for Excel installs and uninstalls cleanly. We highly recommend this handy macros program for anyone in need of a way to display and analyze data.

CNET Editors

QI Macros is long on Six Sigma capabilities, with some Lean tools and techniques built in as well... Chances are many Green Belts and some Black Belts will be able to do everything they need with QI Macros and Excel...

The familiar Excel interface reduces the learning curve and makes it a viable option for anyone who needs to create control charts, conduct statistical analysis or perform data manipulations.

Heidi Wiesenfelder, Bright Hub

Experts and Industry Leaders

james harrington spc software
Quality Magazine
2009 Person of the Year

When looking for a statistical software package to recommend to my clients and to use in my Six Sigma Green, Black and Master Black classes we found QI Macros for Excel to be the best over all value.

QI Macros is great for me because my clients are often new to Lean and Six Sigma without stable processes that support intensive SPC analysis. This means that I do not use SPC software on a daily basis.

QI Macros is straight forward enough that I can remember the basic set up and functions after having been away from the product for a month or more. I have used QI Macros for at least 10 years and will continue to keep it on both my office and laptop as a ready and able friend.

Grace Duffy
Distinguished Author, Speaker, Consultant
President, Management and Performance Systems

grace duffy quality magazine
Quality Magazine
2014 Person of the Year

I’ve been using your QI Macros for the last ten years and have always found them the best and lowest cost tool available. The other “stat” and charting programs are way too expensive and complex for most of the QA people that I’ve trained.

- Steve Hoyt
ASQ Program Chair

Allen Gates

QI Macros SPC software has outstanding value, particularly when compared to software packages that cost much more. It has all the functionality needed for leading, managing, and performing the technical work of quality/process improvement and product/service development efforts. The user friendliness is excellent. The training and technical support is excellent. Highly recommended!

Allen Gates
Univ of Wisconsin, Six Sigma Instructor
Founder, Renaissance Consulting

I use QI Macros in six college courses. My students love it and many of them have purchased QI Macros for their own use or for their company. I just wish you could hear my adult students talk about it. Its always music to my ears because I know they're 'getting it'.

- Professor Forrest Thornton
Rivier University

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I am very pleased with your product. It does everything you said it would and the cost is an unbelievable value. Many thanks for developing such a useful tool!!! 

- Kate Felix, PhD, RN

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I purchased QI Macros just to run control charts (worth the price just for that). I had NO idea what a robust product you have developed, and what an amazing bargain I was getting. File me under exceeded customer expectations. 

- Scott Campbell
SwedishAmerican Hospital

I can hardly wait to show everyone here at work how awesome this product is: easy to use and very impressive results.

- Patty Pitzer
Dept of Health and Hospitals
State of Louisiana

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