QI Macros is Easy to Use because...

it was created by a businessman, not a statistics professor.

Works Right in Excel

  • Adds a new tab on Excel's menu
  • Your data is already in Excel
  • You don't need to learn another software program
spc add-in excel

I love having QI Macros on my PC. It is sooo easy to use with Excel. I enjoy not having to use a separate program just to chart QC projects. And the options…oh my! Thank you so much for making my life easier, AND at a very reasonable price!!!

- Shilo Caulfield

Point and Click Simple

  • Create charts in just seconds
  • Just select your data, click on QI Macros menu and then select the chart you want
  • QI Macros does the rest
three steps to create a chart

...It is so simple to use and anybody can use it...

...It's like a magic program. You input the data, you click the button and, "poof," there it is! It's all done for you. It's great, I love it...

- National Association of Healthcare Quality Conference

Automated Intelligence - We've built all of the rules right into the code

  • No formulas to learn
  • No decision trees to navigate
  • Wizards analyze your data and pick the right chart for you
automated intelligence

I have been using QI Macros for several years and as they see it more and more of our staff want access to the software. Once you get started it is addictive (because it is so easy). 

- David Woodward
KidsPeace Children's Hospital