Turtle Diagram

Included in the April 2022 version of QI Macros, this diagram is used to visualize process characteristics. This "Process" can be informed by various possibilities, such as "With What," "With Whom," "Inputs," etc., and informs "Outputs" and "Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)". This diagram provides a visual representation of a "Process" and assists in its effective execution and improvement.

The Turtle Diagram can be found in the Diagrams drop-down menu:

diagrams drop-down menu

Once you have selected "Turtle Diagram" from the Diagrams drop-down, select the "Turtle Diagram" tab:


Then, fill in the diagram accordingly!


If however, you have a version of QI Macros, prior to the April 2022 release, you are able to customize either of the Bow Tie Risk Assessment templates to achieve a Turtle Diagram output.

NOTE: Should you require the Input/Output aspect of the Turtle Diagram head and tail, you can utilize the Excel drawing tools found in Insert > Shapes to do so.