CAGE and KANO Models for Voice of Customer in Excel

Use a voice of the customer matrix to gather customer's needs and wants as a basis for establishing objectives.

QI Macros Six Sigma Software for Excel includes a voice of the customer matrix and templates for the Cage and Kano models. To access these tools, Click on QI Macros menu -> Planning & PM Tools -> Voice of the Customer Matrix:

voice of the customer template excel

Once you have opened the Voice of the Customer Matrix template, select the CAGE & KANO Model tab:


What is the difference between a CAGE and KANO Model?

Use the CAGE Model to visually represent what customers and team got wrong. CAGE stands for:

  • C - Customer Insights
  • A - Customer and team Agree
  • G - Given requirements (expected quality)
  • E - Excitement (Wows)

Use the KANO Model to plot Satisfaction vs. Execution.

Example of the CAGE Model Template

voice of the customer cage model

How to Use QI Macros CAGE Model template

  1. Double-click each shape you wish to move and/or re-size, representing the following:
    • How teams understand requirements
    • What customers tell you (VOC)
    • Ultimate requirements (sweet spot)
  2. Note that anything outside of green circle represents what customers and team got wrong.

Example of the KANO Model


How to Use QI Macros KANO Model template

Double-click each of the 3 arrows to move and/or re-size at your discretion, to represent Satisfaction vs. Execution:

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