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Example of QI Macros Poisson Capability Template

poisson capability template

The Poisson Capability Template Consists of these Charts:

  • u chart of defects to determine if the process is stable or not.
  • chart of cumulative % defective
  • the defective rate chart to determine if your data distribution is Poisson.
  • histogram of defects

Tip: If your data is unstable and/or does not follow the Poisson Distribution, the calculated results may not be reliable.

Example of Poisson Analysis Using the Output Shown Above

  • The u chart is in control so capability analysis is possible. (Out of control data, as mentioned above, is not recommended)
  • The Cumulative % Defective chart is also pretty stable.
  • The Defective Rate chart shows points evenly distributed on either side of the average, so distribution is Poisson.
  • If the Upper Confidence Interval (UCI) for DPU (cell AB:5) is greater than the target DPU (cell AB:11) , then you cannot be 95% confident that the process is capable.
poisson metrics

You can find this template by selecting QI Macros menu > Capability Templates > Poisson Capability.

cp cpk template on QI Macros menu

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