Capability Suite of Six Charts in Excel

You Don't Have to Spend Alot of Money on Expensive Software

Create the Same Charts in Minitab's Capability Sixpack™ for a Fraction of the Cost

capability suite of six charts in Excel

QI Macros Capability Suite

Minitab's Capability Sixpack™ is a popular tool. However, most people we talk to either can't afford it or if they own it, they don't know how to use it. These folks are thrilled when they discover QI Macros. QI Macros creates control charts, histograms, Pareto charts and more.

QI Macros Capability Suite contains the same charts you'll find in Minitab.

Why Choose QI Macros to Perform Capability Analysis and Draw Histograms?



  • Only $329 USD - less with quantity discounts
  • No annual fees
  • Free Technical Support

easy to use

Easy to Use

  • Works Right in Excel
  • Calculates Cp Cpk Pp Ppk
  • Accurate Results Without Worry

proven and trusted

Proven and Trusted

  • 100,000 Users in 80 Countries
  • Celebrating 20th Anniversary
  • Five Star CNET Rating - Virus Free