Need a Cp Cpk True Position Template for Excel?

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Cp Cpk True Position Results

What is True Position?

If you are drilling a hole which has an X and Y location, you have to be able to measure Cp and Cpk for both the X and Y dimensions as well as the overall location of the hole:

Cp Cpk True Dimension Diagram

How to Use the True Position Template to Calculate Cp Cpk

  1. Open the template by clicking on QI Macros menu > Capability Templates > Cp Cpk Templates:
  2. The template has several tabs, select the Cp Cpk True Position worksheet:

    cp cpk excel template options

  3. Input your target and tolerances for the X and Y coordinates.
    Also input the allowable offset for X and Y.
    The target for the offset (D4:E4) is usually zero:

    true position template excel
  4. Enter actual measurements starting in cells B25 and C25 as shown.
  5. Evaluate Cp and Cpk for the X and Y location as well as the Cpk for the True Position:

    Cp Cpk True Position Results
  6. Also review the true position chart for any patterns:

    True Position Chart

Note: Tolerance is 1/2 the diameter of allowable true position. There is no LSL.

Maximum Material Condition (MMC) Cpk

If you have a cylinder with an inside and an outside diameter, you can determine Cpk using the MMC template. The X and Y offsets are optional. You just need measurements of the outside and inside diameters to calculate Cpk (N4).

True Position Maximum Material Condition (MMC) Cpk

Bonus Tolerance

QI Macros calculates individual Bonus Tolerances for each part that is measured (Outside/Inside Diameter and X/Y Offsets) in the MMC Cpk True Position template. These tolerance values are located in column K and are calculated by using the True Position Tolerance value found in cell B9.

Bonus Tolerance Location in MMC True Position template

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