Add Median to Chart

QI Macros has to go through many gyrations to get Excel to draw a good box plot. The values for the boxes are not the actual Q1, Median and Q3. They are the height of the box, not the actual value. To show the Q1, Q3 and/or the median, you will want to add another data series to the chart as follows:

To add the median label to the chart:

  1. Select and copy the Median, Q1, and/or Q3 values from the data sheet
    Select and Copy Median Data
  2. Paste the Data into the Box and Whisker Plot
    Add Data to Box Plot
  3. Right Click on the new points on the chart (inbetween the two boxes) and click Add Data Labels:
    Add Data Labels t Series
  4. Double click on the new points and change marker to "none" to hide it:
    Hide Marker on Chart
  5. You may want to change the color of the text using Excel's menu.
    Change Text Color on Chart

Excel Box Plot with Median Added

Box Plot with Median Labels

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