Need to Create a Weighted Risk Matrix in Excel?

QI Macros has a Ready-Made Weighted Risk Matrix Template!

Why it Matters: Use a weighted risk matrix to provide a visual representation of your risk scale - a completed matrix will help you quickly determine if your risk level is low or high.


How to complete the risk matrix

  1. Open the Risk Matrix template - QI Macros > Improvement Tools > Hazard Analysis - Bow Tie - Risk Matrix:
  2. improvement-tools-menu

  3. Click on the "Risk Matrix" tab and define your matrix by inputting values in cells H3:L7:
  4. risk-matrix-definition-table

    (Conditional Formatting is used to define cell colors in this template)

  5. Once your values have been defined, your Risk Matrix table will be automatically updated in cells B3:F7:
  6. risk-matrix-table-output

NOTE: You can update this template to be a 5X5 Matrix, 4X4 Matrix, or 3X3 Matrix.

* This functionality introduced in the January 2024 version of QI Macros *

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