Bow Tie Risk Assessment

A good Bow Tie Risk Assessment may require analysis of:

  1. Hazards and threats (e.g., software viruses)
  2. Barriers to prevent catastrophic event (e.g., anti-virus software, periodic scans)
  3. Events (e.g., system shutdown due to software virus
  4. Barriers to prevent harm to others (e.g., shutdown and full system scan)
  5. Consequences of not preventing virus intrusion

QI Macros Add-in for Excel includes two types of bow tie templates

Bow Tie Assessment - Example 1

example of bow tie risk assessment

Bow Tie Assessment - Example 2

bow tie-risk assessment example

QI Macros is installed as a new tab on Excel's menu. To open these templates, click on the QI Macros menu > Improvement tools > Hazard Analysis - Bow Tie:

improvement tools menu

The template has several tabs. There are two box tie assessment templates. One is similar to the Shell Oil template and another format was provided by a customer:

tabs in hazard analysis template

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