Want a Critical to Quality (CTQ) Tree Diagram in Excel?

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Why It Matters: the CTQ tree diagram systematically links customer requirements to key performance indicators (KPIs).

QI Macros easy-to-use CTQ Tree Diagram template:

Critical to Quality (CTQ) Tree Diagram Excel

The CTQ tree diagram can map specific requirements to key drivers of quality and on to a specific measurement. Tree diagrams can help translate customer desires into product characteristics.

To Create a CTQ Tree Diagram

It's often easiest to start with Post-it Notes and a flipchart and then transcribe the results to the QI Macros CTQ Tree Diagram template.

  1. Develop a clear statement of the customer requirement (e.g., good service). Place it on the left side of a board, wall, or easel and work toward the right.
  2. Brainstorm all of the drivers necessary to deliver the requirement.
  3. Determine the critical to quality measures that can be used to monitor these requirements.

Want to create a North Star Metric?

You can custom-create one by updating the CTQ Tree Diagram template!

To do so, make sure to have 3 columns of data that represent:

  1. Input Metric (1)
  2. Input Metric (2)
  3. North Star Metric

And then make sure the end of each column points to a singular box - this is your "North Star":


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