Need Descriptive Statistics of Your Data?

QI Macros calculates descriptive statistics for you and more!

Descriptive Statistics Using QI Macros

  1. Select your Data
  2. Click on QI Macros Menu > Statistical Tools > Descriptive Statistics
  3. QI Macros will make the calculations and interpret the results for you.

QI Macros Descriptive Statistics

QI Macros descriptive statistics is much easier to use than Excel's data analysis toolpak AND it contains additional calculations and charts. Just click and drag over your data to select it, then click on QI Macros > Statistical Tools > Descriptive Statistics.

descriptive statistics excel menu

QI Macros output contains all of the descriptive statistics Excel provides plus:

  • A data normality test (Anderson Darling Test) with results and
  • Charts: Histogram, Box Plot, Confidence Intervals, Tolerance Limits, and Normal Probability Plot:

descriptive statistics Excel using QI Macros

Excel's Descriptive Statistics

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Excel can calculate some descriptive statistics for your data, but its interfaces are difficult to understand. In Excel click on Tools, Data Analysis and Descriptive Statistics to get this input window:

Descriptive Statistics output 1

Excel calculates a separate set of statistics for each column or row of your data. If you want to calculate statistics for all of your data, make sure your data is only in one row or column. Excel's output looks like this:

Descriptive Statistics output 2

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Excel's Function Key

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You can use Excel's function key (fx) to calculate some statistics:

Insert into Excel functionality

However, you may have to perform some preliminary calculations on your own and set up inputs of the calculation in a spreadsheet. For example, if you wanted to calculate confidence intervals for a set of data you would need to perform the following steps:

  • Calculate n, average, standard deviation and alpha for your data.
  • Input these values into a spreadsheet, then label a cell "Confidence Interval" and click on the fx key to insert a function into the cell formula:

    Confidence Interval functionality
  • Click okay and define the inputs.
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