Mann-Whitney Test in Excel Using QI Macros

When to Use the Mann-Whitney Test

A Mann-Whitney test (equivalent to Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test) compares the differences between two independent samples to determine if they differ in location.


Note: Excel does not do statistical tests of non-normal (i.e., not "bell shaped") data. QI Macros, adds this functionality with a set of of non-parametric test templates.


Mann-Whitney Example

A professor wants to compare the grades of students who attended live lectures vs video-taped lectures. Scores of students attending video lectures is in column A; live lectures in column B.

To conduct a test using QI Macros he will:

  1. Click on the QI Macros menu > Stat Templates > Mann Whitney
  2. Input the data for Sample 1 (Video Taped Lectures) into column A and the data for Sample 2 (Live Lectures) into column B.
  3. QI Macros will perform the calculations and display the results in columns C:G.
  4. QI Macros will also interpret the results for you. Cell F7 indicates that we cannot reject the null hypothesis:

Interpreting the Mann Whitney Test Results: Since p (0.758) is greater than alpha (0.05) we cannot reject the null hypothesis that video instruction is as good as live instruction.


Tip: If you enter more than 50 rows of data, in either column A or B, make sure to extend the formulas found in both columns C and D. To do so, select cells C50 and D50. Then, click on the bottom-right corner of cell D50 and drag down to reflect the additional rows found in your data set (1). This will populate the additional rows with the necessary formulas (2).

1.) mann-whitney-additional-rows
2.) mann-whitney-additional-rows-2

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