You Don't Have to be a Expert to Run an F-Test in Excel

QI Macros can run an f test and interpret the results for you!

Run F-tests using QI Macros:

  1. Select your data.
  2. Click on QI Macros menu > Statistical Tools > F & t Tests > F-test.
  3. QI Macros will do the math and analysis for you.

f test example using QI Macros add-in for Excel

  1. Click and drag over your data to select it in Excel:
  2. example of f test data

  3. Click on the QI Macros Menu > Statistical Tools > F & t Tests, and then select "F-test: Two-sample for Variance":
  4. QI Macros will prompt for a significance level (default = 0.05):
  5. significance level prompt

  6. QI Macros will perform the F-Test calculations and interpret the results for you:
  7. f test calculations and results using QI Macros for Excel

QI Macros interprets the f-test results for you

QI Macros built in code compares the p value to alpha and tells you what that means. In the above example, QI Macros tells you "Cannot Reject the Null Hypothesis because p > 0.05 (Variances are not Different).

Interactive Results:
QI Macros lets you change the significance level (cell E:1) to see what impact those changes have on your results.

Based on the F-test results, we now know which two sample t-test to run.

If you have non-normal data, consider running a Levene's test.

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QI Macros can draw these charts too!