Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient Test in Excel

One of Many Tests in QI Macros Statistical Add-in for Excel

When to Use the Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient

A Spearman correlation correlates the ranks of two sets of data rather than the data itself as Excel's correlation function does.

Spearman Test Example Using QI Macros Template

  1. To open the template, click on the QI Macros menu and select Stat Templates > Spearman
  2. Input your data into the yellow shaded areas in columns A:M.
  3. QI Macros template performs the calculations for you in columns N:AM.

Comparing the number cigarettes smoked by 10 smokers (column A) and their diastolic blood pressure (Column B) gives these results.

Note: In the example, below we have hidden the unused columns. Never delete rows or columns in QI Macros templates as you may accidentally break formulas.

Spearman Test output

Hypothesis Test: Since the correlation (0.367) isn't 0.80 or greater, we cannot conclude there is a correlation between smoking and hypertension in these ten smokers.

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