Test of Two Proportions in Excel

QI Macros Easy to Use Two Proportions Test Excel Template

Use our Two Proportion test template to compute a confidence interval and perform a hypothesis test of the difference between two proportions.

Test of Two Proportions Example Using QI Macros Template:

For example, if you are sending a direct mail piece to a group of prospects you may want to know if the proportion of customers who respond could be increased by offering free shipping. You would offer free shipping on half of your mailings and see if you have more purchases from the group that was offered free shipping from the group that was not.

  1. Conduct your test and use a PivotTable to summarize the trials and successes
  2. Click on QI Macros menu and select Statistical Templates, then 1-2 Proportion tests. A template will open. Click on the tab labeled "Two Proportions."
  3. Enter Test Difference in E2. The default is 0.
  4. Enter number of trials in A3 and A7
  5. Enter number of successes in B3 and B7
  6. Enter confidence Level in F1
  7. Null hypothesis is H0: P1=P2, H1: P1<>P2 
    If cell I3:I5 is green, you cannot reject the null hypothesis
    If cell I3:I5 is red, reject the null hypothesis.

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