ANCOVA Test in Excel

What is ANCOVA?

Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) is used to compare means of an outcome variable between two or more groups taking into account (or to correct for) variability of other variables, called covariates (CV). ANCOVA allows to compare the adjusted means of two or more independent groups.

ANCOVA looks at the influence of two or more independent variables on a dependent variable, while removing the effect of the covariate factor.

ANCOVA Step-by-Step Example

To perform a ANCOVA in Excel using QI Macros follow these steps:

  1. Click on the QI Macros menu > Stat Templates > ANOVA ANCOVA:
  2. stat-templates menu

  3. Next, input the significance level you desire, found in cell C7. The default is 0.05 (95% confident):
  4. significance-level-ancova-template

  5. Finally, input your data, starting in cells B29:H29 and K29:Q29 - QI Macros will perform the calculations and analyze the results for you!



Interprets the Results: QI Macros performs the calculations AND tells you:

  • If you can Reject Null Hypothesis or Cannot Reject Null Hypothesis.
  • If the Means are Different or the Means are not different.

NOTE: The ANCOVA template is limited to 3-7 columns of data and 1,000 rows.

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