Kaplan-Meier Step Plot Template in Excel

QI Macros Kaplan-Meier Template Contains Three Options:

1. Kaplan-Meier Plot

Healthcare uses Kaplan-Meier Step Plots to show survival rates over time for various protocols and treatments. Data entry fields are:

  • Start Period (Could be a date or number)
  • End Period (Could be a date or number)
  • # At Risk at Start of the Period
  • # Censored (Number removed from the study for various reasons)
  • # At Risk at End
  • # Who Died

The Y axis shows the cumulative survival rate. Cumulative survival rate may level off at the end of the study because patient survival is no longer tracked.

2. Kaplan-Meier for Two Groups

This template works just like the first template but compares data for two groups.

kaplan meier template

3. Step Plot Template


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