Stem and Leaf Plot - Back-to-Back

A Back-to-Back Stem and Leaf Plot is used like two histograms or a tornado chart to show the spread and shape of data.

QI Macros Add-in for Excel Contains a Back to Back Stem and Leaf Plot Template

Back to Back Stem Leaf Plot in Excel made using the QI Macros

How the Back to Back Stem and Leaf Plot is Made

In the example above, the two data sets range from 6 to 96.

  • Stem represents the first digits of the data points
  • Leaf 1 and 2 represent the second digits in the 1st and 2nd data set
  • Median is the mid point in each data set and is shown next to the leaf

To use the QI Macros Back to Back Stem and Leaf Plot template in Excel, just input or copy your data sets in Column A and B and then double click on the update button to calculate the leaves and medians.

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