ROC Curve Template in Excel

Draw a ROC Curve in seconds with QI Macros add-in

ROC (Receiving Operating Characteristic) curves are used to choose the most appropriate "cut-off" for a test.

QI Macros installs on Excel's menu. To draw a ROC Curve:

  1. Select the template from QI Macros menu
  2. Input data into yellow cells
  3. QI Macros does the rest!

ROC Curve Example

ROC Curve Template in Excel

To complete the ROC Curve template:

  1. Input the Cut Points in column A.
  2. Input the number of normal and non-normal cases in columns B and C, respectively.
  3. The template will perform the calculations and draw the ROC Curve.
  4. The template will also calculate the area under the curve (C14) and rate the accuracy of the test (C17).
    • > .9 = Excellent
    • > .8 = Good
    • > .7 = Fair
    • ≤ .7 = Poor
QI Macros templates save me lots of time

For a comprehensive description of ROC Curves see:

ROC Curve Template Location in QI Macros

To open the template, click on QI Macros Menu and select, Chart Templates, ROC Curve.

chart templates menu

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