Stem and Leaf Plot - Excel Template

What is a Stem and Leaf Plot?

A stem and leaf plot shows the spread and distribution of a data set:

  • Stems represent the first digits of the data points
  • Count represents the number of data points with that first digit
  • Leaves represent the second digits in the data set (numbers 0-9)
  • Median is the mid point in the data set and is shown next to the leaf

Stem and Leaf Plot Example Created Using QI Macros add-in for Excel

stem and leaf plot in Excel

It's Super Easy to Use QI Macros Stem and Leaf Plot Maker

QI Macros installs a new menu on Excel's Toolbar. To generate a plot:

  1. Open the Stem and Leaf Plot Template by clicking on QI Macros menu / Chart Templates / Stem and Leaf Plot
  2. Input or cut and paste your data into the yellow input area.
  3. Double click on the update plot button and QI Macros will sort the data and populate the stems and leaves.


Why Would I Use a Stem and Leaf Plot?

A stem and leaf plot can help show the distribution of your data. It is similar to a histogram that is turned on its side. Let's use the average temperature data from the above example to better illustrate the relationship.

Stem and Leaf Plot Results

stem and leaf results

Rotate Results

rotate results

Histogram of the Same Data
Bin width = 10

histogram with bin width 10

Many people use stem and leaf plots because histograms seem too hard to create. But both are easy to make using QI Macros.

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