Type 3 Gage R&R Study

QI Macros Template Makes It Easy to Run a Type 3 Gage R&R Study

  • Typical Gage R&R studies use 10 parts, 2-3 appraisers and 2-3 trials (3 x 3 x 10).
  • A Type 3 Gage R&R study uses 30 parts, one appraiser (CMM machine), 5 trials (1 x 5 x 30).

To Conduct a Type 3 Gage RR Study Using QI Macros:

Open the Gage R&R 30-Parts Template and enter:

  1. The 30 x 5 measurements for appraiser 1. Clear any values for Appraiser 2-3:

    Gage R&R Type 3

    You may hide the rows for appraiser 2-3 (select rows 11 through 23, right-click and choose "Hide").
  2. QI Macros will calculate GR&R using the Average and Range method (the ANOVA method does not apply).

    You may also set the Specification Tolerance:

    Gage R&R Type 3 Results


So, there, in a nutshell isĀ Type 3 Gage R&R. Your goal is to minimize the amount of variation and error introduced by measurement, so that you can focus on part variation. This, of course, leads you back into the other root causes of variation: Process, Machines, and Materials.

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