Attribute Agreement Analysis in Excel

For Visual Inspection or Other Types of Subjective Tests

When to Perform Attribute Agreement Analysis:

  • Perform an Attribute Agreement Analysis to evaluate performance by appraisers when they have to make a subjective judgement (pass-fail, high-medium-low) about the quality of a part, invoice, candidate, or whatever.

To Perform an Attribute Agreement Analysis Using QI Macros:

  1. Open QI Macros Gage R&R Template by clicking on QI Macros, then DOE Gage R&R FMEA then Gage R&R.
  2. gage-rr-template-excel-menu

  3. Click on the Attribute Gage Worksheet to open the Attribute Gage Study Template.
  4. Select 10 parts or more and use an expert or some kind of process to determine the reference value for each. Enter the reference values directly into column K (Pass=1, Fail=0.)

    attribute agreement reference values

  5. Have 3 appraisers accept/reject parts with at least two trials and enter their results in columns B-J. 1 = pass and 0 = fail.

    Attribute Analysis Agreement Data - QIMacros

Evaluate the Attribute Agreement Analysis Results

Attribute Agreement Analysis Results - QIMacros

Compare appraisers against their own performance and against the standard.

Attribute Agreement Analysis within Appraisers

  • Appraiser A (Jan) is consistent, but not good against the standard or reference (column K).
  • Appraiser B (Chris) is better against the standard.
  • Appraiser C (Sam) is slightly more consistent, but not so good against the standard.

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