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Perform an Attribute Agreement Analysis:

To evaluate performance by appraisers when they have to perform visual inspection or make a subjective judgment (pass-fail, high-medium-low) about the quality of a part, invoice, candidate, etc.

Example of QI Macros Attribute Agreement Analysis Template in Excel

attribute agreement template

To Perform an Attribute Agreement Analysis Using QI Macros Template:

  1. Open QI Macros Gage R&R Template by clicking on QI Macrosmenu > DOE Gage R&R FMEA > Gage R&R.
  2. gage rr template excel

  3. Click on the Attribute Gage Worksheet tab to open the Attribute Gage Study Template.

    attribute agreement reference values
  4. Select 10 parts or more and use an expert or some kind of process to determine the reference value (actual measurements) for each. Enter the reference values directly into column L and the spec limits into cells N3 and O3. The worksheet will calculate the Pass/Fail reference in column K.
  5. If a value is outside of the spec limits, column K will show "0" for Fail. If the value is within the spec limits, column K will show "1" for Pass. Another option is to input the pass/fail references directly into column K (Pass=1, Fail=0). In either case, the goal is to use column K as an "answer key".
  6. Next input the results from the appraisers in columns B to J. If an appraisers value does not equal the reference answer in column K, the value turns red.

Attribute Agreement Analysis Example Using Data from AIAG MSA Manual, 4th edition

In this example, the values for parts 3, 4, 5, and 9 are outside of the spec limits (.45 to .545). Therefore, the reference values in column K all show "Pass" except for for these parts. Now compare the appraisers answers with the reference and see which values turn red.

attribute agreement reference values

Now lets look at the analysis done by QI Macros template.

Per columns BD:BF, Appraiser B is the most accurate with only 5 misses, while appraiser C only got 40 out of 50 measurements right.

All appraisers had an unacceptable miss rate of greater than 5% (BE25:27).

attribute agreement template calculations

Compare appraisers against their own performance and against the standard.

appraiser analysis against each other and the standard

You don't have to be an expert.
Use QI Macros Attribute Agreement template to mistake-proof your calculations.

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