Would You Like Bottom-Line, Profit-Enhancing, Productivity-Boosting Results Immediately?

Six Sigma is being deployed by countless companies in order to cut costs and boost profits.  So why not use the shortcut to Lean Six Sigma, which can take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to understand in training and implementation?  KnowWare provides simplified, streamlined training to Lean Six Sigma results.

QI Macros Training

free qimacros spc software training resourcesFree QI Macros Training Resources

Take advantage of these free video tutorials, how to articles and pre-recorded webinars to learn all about the features and functions available in the QI Macros.

QI Macros Data Mining With Excel Workshop

Ensure up to 25 participants understand how to use QI Macros to find the "hidden low-hanging" improvement projects in your business. Covers all QI Macros charts for Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma, the QI Macros templates, the Anova and analysis tools and the data transformation tools.

QI Macros Free and Custom Webinars

Eliminate travel costs by scheduling a QI Macros webinar with Jay Arthur. Using the internet, each participant can attend directly from their desk.

Agile Lean Six Sigma Training

Agile Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare

Discover how to eliminate medication errors, treatment delays and deviation, saving patients, adverse outcomes, time and profit.

Agile Lean Six Sigma On-Day Yellow Belt Workshop

This one day workshop is a crash course designed to jump-start your Lean Six Sigma improvements and results.

Lean Six Sigma Online Yellow Belt Training with Optional Certification

Watch this free video series to learn the key Lean Six Sigma methods and tools used to deliver improvements in quality, speed and cost. Review case studies and exercises to practice what you've learned. Yellow Belt exam provided with certification option.

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