QI Macros & Lean Six Sigma Workshops & Data Mining Services

Simplified, streamlined and designed to deliver immediate results.

We know you are busy and don't have time to sit in classes for a week. That's why our one-day workshops are designed to be part training and part working session. We use your data so that participants are working on real business problems. These workshops are designed to get them excited to use their newfound knowledge when they return to their desk the next day.

For those who are really, stretched for time, we also provide a "just do it for me" service called Shortcut to Results. Send us your data and we'll tell you if there is a hidden improvement project lurking in your data.

QI Macros and Data Mining

qi macros and data mining workshopQI Macros and Data Mining Workshop

Participants will learn how to use QI Macros to find the "hidden low-hanging" improvement projects in their business. Covers QI Macros spc charts, lean six sigma templates, data mining tools and statistical tests. Up to 25 participants. Laptops or a computer lab is necessary since this is a hands on workshop.

shortcut to resultsShortcut to Results: Data Mining and Analysis Service

Do you have lots of data but little time to analyze it? Have you looked at your data but can't seem to pinpoint where the problem is? Your boss wants results, but you can't even figure out where to start. Let us help!

Send us your data in an Excel spreadsheet and we'll tell you if there is an improvement project lurking in your data. It won't take weeks or months either. We will get back to you within a day or two.

Agile Lean Six Sigma Training

agile lean six sigma one-day workshopAgile Lean Six Sigma One-Day Workshop

This one day workshop is a crash course designed to jump-start your Lean Six Sigma improvements and results.

agile lean six sigma for healthcare on-day workshopAgile Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare One-Day Workshop

Discover how to eliminate medication errors, treatment delays and deviation, saving patients, adverse outcomes, time and profit.

Contact us directly at 888-468-1537 or (303) 756-9144 to find out how we can help you take the shortcut to Lean Six Sigma results!