Trying to Create an I-MR-R Chart in Excel?

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Go Deeper: The Individual Moving Range, Range Chart is a combination of the XbarR and XmR Chart. It gives both "within" group and "between" group variation. The I-MR-R Chart:

  • Calculates the average of subgroups, just like an XbarR
  • Creates the Range Chart (within group variation) just like the XbarR
  • Creates a Moving Range Chart (between group variation) like an XmR using the average of the subgroups
  • Creates the Individuals Chart like an XmR using the average of the subgroups

individuals moving range range chart range chart of subgroups

How to Create an I-MR-R Chart Using QI Macros Add-in for Excel:

  1. Select two or more columns of data.
  2. Click on the QI Macros tab installed on Excel's menu and, select Control Charts (SPC) > Variable (XmR, XbarR/S), and then "I-MR-R chart".
  3. QI Macros will do the math and draw the charts for you and turn unstable points or conditions red.
  4. Analyze and interpret the results:
    • Evaluate the Range Charts first. If they are "out of control," so is the process. If the Range Charts look okay, then evaluate the X Chart.
    • Investigate unstable points or trends.

Create a chart using an I-MR-R Chart template:

  1. Click on the QI Macros menu and select Control Chart Templates > Variable (XmR, XbarR/S) > I-MR-R.
  2. Input your data into the yellow shaded area.
  3. The chart is drawn as the data is input.
  4. Run stability analysis using the chart tools menu.
I-MR-R Chart Template

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