Control Chart Templates with Fixed Control Limits

Are you Looking for a Control Chart with Fixed Limits?

  • Do you need to evaluate a batch run against historical control limits.
  • Do you need to compare your data against spec limits established by your customer?

QI Macros contains control chart templates with fixed control limits.

To use these templates:

  1. Click on the QI Macros menu and then Control Chart Templates:

    control chart templates excel
  2. Click on one of the variable control chart templates to open it (e.g. XmR Five Pack, XbarR Six Pack, XbarS Six Pack).
  3. Click on the worksheet tab labeled "Fixed" (e.g. XmR Chart Fixed).

  4. Input your data into the yellow input areas.

    fixed limit control chart template in excel
  5. To the right of the control charts there are yellow input boxes to define the Upper Control Limit (UCL), the Center Line (CL) and the Lower Control limit (LCL). For variable charts you can do this for both the X chart and the Range chart:
  6. input fixed control limits

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