Median Control Chart Template

The QI Macros default control chart template uses the average of your data to calculate the center line on your control chart. The 1 and 2 sigma lines and the upper and lower control limits are derived from this average.

The QI Macros X chart templates also contain a median control chart option. This worksheet uses the median of your data to calculate the center line and control limits. The median is defined as the middle number in your data set after it has been sorted in numerical order.

To use the median control chart template:

  1. Click on the QI Macros menu and select SPC Charts.
    median control chart templates in QI Macros
  2. Click on one of the X control chart templates to open it (e.g. XmR Four Pack.)
  3. Click on the worksheet labeled Median (e.g. XmR Median R.)
  4. Data input areas are shaded in yellow. As you input data, the charts populate to the right.
    median charts in Excel created with QI Macros software
  5. To the right of the control charts is a box labeled "Process Change at Row." If you want to show a process change on your chart, simply input the row where you want the change to occur. The template will calculate two sets of control limits. The first uses the data points up to the row you input and the second uses the data in the row you input and all points after it.
  6. Additionally, the X chart templates have input areas to define spec limits for the histogram.

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