Looking for something like Minitab's Capability Sixpack™ in Excel?

QI Macros XbarR template draws the same charts for a fraction of the cost!

You don't have to spend alot of money on expensive software to perform process stability and capability analysis on your data.

QI Macros XbarR chart template makes SPC as easy as typing data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Open up the XbarR Six Pack by clicking on the QI Macros tab on Excel's menu, then Control Chart Templates then XbarR Six Pack.

Then just type your data into the yellow input area and the control charts, histogram, values plot and probability plot will be drawn to the right. You can also cut and paste data from another spreadsheet into the template:

xbarr sixpack capability suite for Excel

Sigma Estimator Formula

The X bar R Six Pack also lets you choose which formula you want to use for sigma estimator. The default is Pooled Standard Deviation but you can also select Sbar and Rbar by changing the number in cell AV:2:

sigma estimator formula in XbarR Sixpack

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