Do You Struggle Running Excel Charts?

How About Advanced Charts Like Histograms and Paretos?

Excel column Chart QI Macros

You are not alone. While Excel creates basic charts, the multi-step process takes a long time and the resulting chart is often hard to read, suffering from what Edward Tufte calls "Chartjunk." We believe that charting software should do as much of the work as possible.┬áThat’s why we created QI Macros for Excel — a shortcut to Excel Charts.


QI Macros Add-in Makes It Easy to Draw Charts in Excel

Compatible with Excel 2007 - 2016 for PC; along with Excel 2011 and 2016 for Mac

Excel Bar Chart    Excel Column Chart

Excel Histogram

Excel Line Chart   Excel Pareto Chart

Excel Pie Chart   Excel Scatter Chart

Create these charts and diagrams in just seconds using QI Macros for Excel...
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