Need help determining which chart is best for your data?

QI Macros can analyze your data and choose the right chart for you.

Confused About Which Chart to Choose? Still Can't Figure It Out Even After Attending a Class or Trying to Use a Decision Tree like the Ones in Minitab®? You Are Not Alone!

Training isn't enough! Based on calls from our tech support line, we can tell you that most folks struggle with which chart to choose. Even if they have gone to a training class, it doesn't matter, they still spend time they don't have trying to decide on the right chart and then they still aren't sure.

Decision Trees are Cumbersome. Rather than having to think your way through a forest of decision trees like the ones in Minitab®, wouldn't it be great if the decision tree was already coded into the software? In QI Macros, it is!

A Forest of Decision Trees
QI Macros
Turns Decision Trees into a One Click Chart Wizard


chart wizard on Excel menu

QI Macros Chart Wizard will analyze your data and choose the right charts for you. It saves you time and mistake proofs the chart selection process. Spend your time on more important things like analyzing the charts after they are drawn.

To use the QI Macros Chart Wizard:

  1. Just click and drag over your data to select it.
  2. Then click on the Chart Wizard from the QI Macros menu:
  3. select the right chart in Excel

  4. The Chart Wizard will run descriptive statistics and draw the most probable charts.

Descriptive Statistics:
Histogram, Box Plot, Confidence Intervals, Normal Probability Plot
descriptive statistics run by the chart wizard in Excel

Box and Whisker Plots

By Sample (data rows)

box whisker plot by rows

By Obs (columns)

box and whisker by columns

XMedianR Control Chart

control chart

Here's how QI Macros Chart Wizard selects which charts to draw:

Columns of Data 1 2 3-9 10+
Integers or Decimals If Max > 10*Min and Row headings not dates

Pareto Chart
Integers c Chart if Numerator/ Denominator

p and u Chart

if Denominator is constant
np Chart
Integers or Decimal Descriptive Statistics
includes histogram, normal probability plot, boxplot and confidence intervals
Box & Whisker 
by Row and Column
Normal XmR Chart XbarR Chart
XbarS Chart
Non-Normal XmR Median Chart XMedianR Chart XbarS Chart

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