Need to Make a Column Chart in Excel?

QI Macros makes column charts easy
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Create Column Charts using QI Macros:

  1. Select your data.
  2. Click on QI Macros menu > Excel Charts > Column Chart
  3. QI Macros will do the math and analysis for you.

Column Charts are Used to Compare Data

Column Charts are often referred to as bar charts. However, in Microsoft Excel, a column chart has bars that run vertical while a bar chart has bars that run horizontal. Both charts are used to compare data points in one or more series of data. Note: If you are tracking data over time, then use a line graph or control chart instead of a column chart.

Column Chart

column chart made in Excel 2013

Bar Chart

bar graph made in Excel 2010

Column Charts in Excel

To create a column chart in Excel, select your data, then click on the Insert tab and then Column. There are various choices of bar shapes (2-D, 3-D, Cylinder, etc) and formats (clustered, stacked or 100% stacked.)

how to create column chart in Excel 2013


clustered column chart excel


stacked column chart excel

100 % Stacked

100 % stacked column chart excel 2010

Specialized Column Charts for Advanced Analysis

Consider using these types of column charts to better analyze and display your data:

QI Macros Add-in for Excel Makes it Easy to Create All of These Charts

While its possible to create histograms and pareto charts in Excel, its time consuming, complicated, and the charts don't look as nice as the ones created by QI Macros. Download a 30 day trial and try it now.

Stop using old technology!

Upgrade Your Excel and Data Analysis Skills to Smart Charts Using QI Macros.

Track Data Over Time

Primitive Chart
line graph
Line Graph
Smart Chart
control chart
Control Chart

Compare Categories

Primitive Chart
pie chart
Pie Chart
Smart Chart
pareto chart
Pareto Chart

Analyze Variation

Primitive Chart
bar or column chart
Bar or Column Chart
Smart Chart

QI Macros add-in for Excel makes creating smart charts a snap.