International Versions of QI Macros

QI Macros Default Language

The default language for QI Macros is English. Follow these instructions to change the QI Macros default language.

These translations were done electronically and may have errors. If you find any errors or unclear translations, please email suggestions to

To change QI Macros default language on Windows devices: Excel 2013-2021, Office 365

(Option not available on Mac devices)

1. Open Excel and press Ctrl + Shift + Q. This will add the Add-Ins tab to the Excel menu:


2. Click the Add-Ins tab and you should find a QI Macros drop-down menu:


NOTE: If the menu does not load, it is possible that a "Custom Toolbars" section has been added to the Add-ins, which hinders the "Menu Commands" section from being loaded. Right-click the Custom Toolbars and choose "Delete."

Once deleted, select Ctrl+Shift+Q - the QI Macros menu should now load in the Add-ins section.

3. In the QI Macros drop-down menu highlight Data Mining then select Change Default Language:


4. The default language window will open. Input the number that corresponds to the language you want to use and Click OK.

Default Language Selection Window

5. Click Ctrl + Shift + Q to again show the Add-Ins tab on the Excel menu and the associated QI Macros drop-down menu. The drop-down menu will be displayed in the language you've selected. Here is an example of the QI Macros menu in Spanish:


Note: the standard QI Macros ribbon menu language will not change, only the drop-down QI Macros menu located under the Add-Ins tab.

International User Guides

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QI Macros technical support is only provided in English.