QI Macros Show / Hide Data Sheet

Creating Charts Using QI Macros menu

When you select your data and create a chart using QI Macros menu:

  • The sheet with your data is left alone
  • QI Macros creates a new data sheet where all of its calculations are performed.
  • QI Macros creates a new sheet to display the chart or two new sheets in the case of X and Range charts.

Hide Data Sheet Calculations

Some customers want to hide the data sheet where all of the calculations are performed when they have lots of charts in one workbook or they are sending their Excel workbook to leadership or another department. You can hide the data sheets as follows.

QI Macros 2009 and earlier versions - select the data sheets you want to hide and then click format / hide / sheet. Hold down the ctrl key to select more than one sheet at a time.

QI Macros 2010 and later versions - set your QI Macros to always hide or show the data sheets. The default is to show the data sheets but if you want to hide them every time you run a chart click on Control Charts (SPC) » Control Chart Rules » Show / Hide Data Sheets.

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