Six Sigma Software for Excel

QI Macros - the All in One Tool for Quality Professionals

Don't think you can afford six sigma software for all of your green belts, yellow belts and no belts? Think again!
You've invested in training your employees on the methods of Six Sigma, don't ask them to do the job without the tools.

How Does it Work?

QI Macros Add-In for Excel Installs a New Menu on Excel's Tool bar

six sigma excel add-in menu

From QI Macros menu you can access all of the charts, templates, statistical tests and other six sigma tools in QI Macros.

To run a six sigma chart or statistical test:

  1. Just select your data.
  2. Click on QI Macros menu and select the chart you want.
  3. QI Macros does the rest.

qi macros six sigma software interface

To use a fill-in-the-blanks template, just click on the template you want and a new workbook will open. Follow the instructions, input your data or documentation and save with a unique name.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • A single user perpetual license is just $299 USD.
  • If you are one user with two computers: purchase a Home/Office version for an additional $50.
  • Quantity discounts start at two licenses and are calculated on a per order basis so consolidate your order for the best possible price.
  • NO charge for technical support and NO annual maintenance fees.

What is Included?

More Than 40
SPC Charts

Control Charts
Histograms with Cp Cpk
Pareto Charts
Box Plots
Scatter Diagrams

Lean Six Sigma Templates

Fishbone Diagrams
Value Stream Maps
Gage R&R Studies
Design of Experiments

More Than 30
Statistical Tests

ANOVA - 1, 2 factors
t tests, f tests
Regression analysis
Non-parametric tests
Sample Size Calculator

Data Analysis Tools

Data Mining Wizard
PivotTable Wizard
Word Count Wizard
Stack and Unstack Columns

QI Macros is long on Six Sigma capabilities, with some Lean tools and techniques built in as well... Chances are many Green Belts and some Black Belts will be able to do everything they need with QI Macros and Excel...

The familiar Excel interface reduces the learning curve and makes it a viable option for anyone who needs to create control charts, conduct statistical analysis or perform data manipulations.

Heidi Wiesenfelder
Bright Hub

Why Choose QI Macros Over Other Six Sigma Software?



  • Only $299 USD - less with quantity discounts
  • No annual subscription fees
  • Free technical support

easy to use

Easy to Use

  • Works right in Excel
  • Create a chart in seconds
  • Easy to customize & share charts

proven and trusted

Proven and Trusted

  • More than 100,000 users
  • In More than 80 countries
  • Five Star CNET Rating - Virus free