Six Sigma Tools Made Easy

Are you having trouble:

  • Drawing Pareto Charts in Excel?
  • Choosing and Using Control Charts to analyze performance?
  • Figuring out how to draw histograms to analyze the capability of your processes?

QI Macros Creates Six Sigma Tools in Three Easy Steps

six sigma tools in Excel

What Customers Say About QI Macros Six Sigma Software

"The coolest easiest to use software ever"

"So simple anyone can use it"

"It's exactly what we were looking for"

...It's like a magic program. You input the data, you click the button and, "poof," there it is!
It's all done for you. It's great, I love it...

- National Association of Healthcare Quality Conference

lean 6 sigma tools made easy

Six Sigma Tools in QI Macros with links to more detail

Map of Six Sigma Tools to DMAIC
Six Sigma Test Data in QI Macros

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