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Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

Go Deeper: DMAIC is the step-by-step method for developing Six Sigma projects and performance improvements:

  • Define the operational problem (e.g., too much delay, too many defects or too much variation)
  • Measure baseline KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Analyze the root causes of defects or deviation
  • Improve by implementing and validating countermeasures that eliminate root causes
  • Control performance to sustain the improvement
Most Commonly Used DMAIC Tools in QI Macros
Define Measure Analyze Improve Control
Project Charter
Control Chart Fishbone Diagram Countermeasures Matrix Control Chart
  Histogram 5 Whys Action Plan  
  Pareto Chart      
Less Frequently Used DMAIC Tools in QI Macros
Critical to Quality (CTQ) Measures Box and Whisker Plot Cause/Effect Matrix   Control Plan
MultiVari Chart Design of Experiments    
Gantt Chart Scatter Plot FMEA    
SIPOC Diagram Checksheet Gage R&R (MSA)    
Tree Diagram        
Voice of the Customer        
Work Breakdown Structure        
Statistical DMAIC Tools in QI Macros
  Descriptive Statistics Hypothesis Testing
    t Test    
    Regression Analysis    
    Non-Parametric Tests    

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