QI Macros Quick Keys

What are QI Macros Quick Keys?

Quick keys are macro short cut keys that allow you to run a macro by hitting the Ctrl and Shift key plus one other key. For example, you can select your data and run a Pareto chart by selecting "ctrl + shift + o".

QI Macros defaults

QI Macros 2009 and earlier versions - quick keys are turned on

QI Macros 2010 and later versions - quick keys are turned off. Quick Keys can be turned on and off again by clicking Control Charts » Control Chart Rules »Quick Keys On/Off

QI Macros Quick Keys:

To run a
Select your data and then hit
Pareto Chart ctrl + shift + o
Scatter Chart ctrl + shift + z
Box and Whisker Plot ctrl + shift + w
Histogram ctrl + shift + h
c chart ctrl + shift + c
np chart ctrl + shift + n
p chart ctrl + shift + p
u chart ctrl + shift + u
XmR chart ctrl + shift + x
XbarR chart ctrl + shift + r
Xand S chart ctrl + shift + s

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