Paste Link in Excel

Paste Link Using QI Macros Add-in

The QI Macros Paste Link function takes any size table and paste links it into a new sheet.

NOTE: This functionality uses formulas to prevent putting zeros instead of blanks in linked cells.

Here is how the Paste Link function works:

Just select your original data (12X4):

original data

Then, select the QI Macros menu, click on the "Restacking" drop-down, and then "Paste Link":


QI Macros will copy your data and paste and link it into a new sheet in your workbook. Here is an example of the above data pasted into a new sheet. If you click on any cell (e.g., C2) you will see the formulas linking that cell to the original data sheet:

original data after

QI Macros also includes these process improvement charts