Excel Does Paste Link and Paste Transpose BUT Not Together

QI Macros Performs Paste, Link and Transpose All at the Same Time

QI Macros Saves You Time and Mistake Proofs Data with Blank Cells

QI Macros Paste Link Transpose function takes any size table and paste links it into a new sheet. QI Macros also retains data formats and uses formulas to paste blank cells as blank cells and NOT zeros.

Here is How QI Macros Paste Link Transpose Function Works:

Just select your original data (6X6):

original data

Then, select the QI Macros menu, click on the "Restacking" drop-down and then "Paste Link Transpose":


QI Macros will transpose your data and paste and link it into a new sheet in your workbook. Here is an example of the above data transposed in a new sheet. If you click on any cell (e.g., C2) you will see the formulas linking that cell to the original data sheet:

data after paste link transpose

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