Control Chart and Capability Formulas

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QI Macros control chart formulas, capability analysis formulas and other calculations are taken from widely accepted SPC References including, Montgomery, Breyfogle, Juran and NIST. The exact formulas and other information for each chart can be found by clicking on the links below:

Control Chart Formulas Used in QI Macros

Other QI Macros Control Chart Calculation Information

Process Capability Analysis Formulas Used in QI Macros

Download a free pdf of histogram formulas and sample calculations (PDF, 153 KB)

If you still need more help after reading the following information and our free pdf, consider our Histogram Whitepaper.

Six Sigma and SPC Reference Books

If you want a good Lean Six Sigma reference, consider my Lean Six Sigma DeMystified book:

Lean Six Sigma Demystified

If you don't have a good statistical reference book, I can recommend:

Automotive Industry
Action Group Resources

  • Statistical Process Control (2nd), AIAG 2005
  • Measurement Systems Analysis (4th), AIAG, 2010

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