FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Preventing Disaster with FMEA and DFMEA

You can use the FMEA - Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (a template in the QI Macros) to analyze and prevent disasters. You can use it to analyze a product (car, x-ray, MRI), part (car door), or process (part stamping process or elective surgery).

  • Designing a product or part uses a Design FMEA - DFMEA.
  • Analyzing a process uses a Process FMEA - PFMEA.

When you've got a product or a process that can affect human life (e.g., radiology or amputation in a hospital), you want to anticipate all of the ways that the product or process could go wrong and affect your customer. The automobile and airline industries do this routinely to mitigate and prevent potential problems. The tool they use is the FMEA.


Example of the QI Macros FMEA Template in Excel

fmea dfmea and pfmea templates in Excel

Use the DFMEA or PFMEA template to analyze and prevent the effects of potential failures before they happen. Can you afford an injury or a death? Probably not. Can you afford the time and money involved in litigation? Probably not. Is it cheaper to use an FMEA worksheet and prevent potential problems? No doubt, especially when the consequences are extreme. Are you going to catch everything? No, because some things are outside of our ability to imagine them.

Save yourself time and money by analyzing the potential causes of failure using the FMEA.

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