Want to Show Process Changes on QI Macros Control Charts?

QI Macros Process Change Wizard Works on Control Chart Templates Too!

Go Deeper: It's easy to show process changes on a control chart created by QI Macros. The process is different depending on how you create your control chart. This page covers control chart templates. See these pages for other options:

Control Chart Templates

  1. Go to the chart and click on the first data point where the process change occurred:

    select point to recalculate control limits

    Tip: The first time you click on a point, Excel will select the whole line. Click on the point a second time to select just the point. If you have done this correctly, Excel will highlight your point.

  2. Click on QI Macros chart menu, select the "Process Changes" drop-down and choose " Process Change-Show/Remove":


  3. The template will calculate a new set of control limits starting at the data point in the row you entered. On the X chart templates the process change will be reflected on the X and chart.

    Note: You can perform more than one process change on a chart!
  4. For XmR, XbarR, and XbarS charts, only utilize the Show Process Change functionality on the X charts - never on the R or S charts.

  5. Don't forget to rerun stability analysis using the new control limits. Click on the chart sheet and use the QI Macros menu to select "Analyze Stability."

Remove Process Change

*Functionality included in the 2022.10 version of QI Macros*

If you have inputted a process change and need to either remove the shift or put the shift in a different location:

  1. Click on the point where the process change has been implemented.
  2. And from the QIMacros Chat menu, click on the "Process Changes" drop-down menu and select "Process Change-Show/Remove".
  3. The process change will then be removed from your chart and your limits will be automatically recalculated!

NOTE: In versions of QI Macros prior to the 2022.10 release, if you wish to remove a process change from your data set, select the chart and choose "Recalculate UCL/LCL" from the "Process Changes" drop-down - this will reset all limit calculations and remove all process change(s). And once you have done so, click on your chart and select "Analyze Stability".

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