Sustain the Improvement

Process Definition

Is your process defined using a flowchart? Yes
No-Use Process Flowcharts to Define the Process

sustain your improvements


Value Added Flow Analysis

Have you identified and removed any non-value added idle time (arrows), activities (boxes), or rework loops from your process? Yes
No-Use Value-Added Flow Analysis To Remove Non-Value Added Steps from the Process

Measuring Your Process

Have you determined your customer's valid requirements and used them to develop "Q&Ps"-- quality and process indicators? Yes
No-Determine, measure, and graph the quality and process indicators of the process

Process Stability

Is your process stable? Yes
No-Use control charts evaluate the stability of your indicators.

control chart

Process Capability

Is your process capable of meeting the customer's requirements 100% of the time? 
Yes - Continue to Monitor the Process.
No - Use histograms to evaluate the capability of your continuous-data indicators.


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